Welcome to Escuela.dev
A Coding school in Malaga, Spain
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One on one
39 /hour
  • Online
  • In person (in Malaga)
  • 1h 30m sessions
Group class
340 /course (€85 per week)
  • Online
  • In person (in Malaga)
  • 1h 30m sessions
  • up to 4 people
  • 4-week course
2-day Workshop
Custom pricing
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  • Online
  • In person (in Malaga)
  • From 10am to 5pm
  • Lunch included

📜 Will I receive a certificate of completion?

No, instead of a certificate, we offer something more valuable. Companies hiring software developers prioritise projects and code samples over certificates. With our program, you'll build a robust portfolio on GitHub, showcasing various web projects. This portfolio will demonstrate your proficiency, enable potential employers to assess your skills effectively and determine if you're a good fit for their teams. 🤜🤛

🛠️ What kind of projects will I learn how to build?

1. 📚 Interactive Quiz: Build an interactive quiz application with multiple-choice questions. Users can select their answers, and you can provide instant feedback on their choices. JavaScript can be used to manage the quiz and track scores.

2. ✨ Animated Landing Page: Design a visually appealing landing page with animations and transitions. Use CSS animations or libraries like Animate.css to add engaging effects.

3. 🎹 Virtual Piano: Create a virtual piano keyboard where users can play musical notes and chords by clicking or pressing keys. You can use JavaScript to handle the sound and interactivity.